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Delivery/Pickup Contract

Please click here for an alternative PDF version of the Delivery/Pickup Contract, if you do not wish to complete the form online.

Once you have picked a puppy, placed him/her on hold with a deposit, and paid for your puppy in full--you are ready for delivery/pick-up.

  1. The puppy must be at least 8 weeks of age before delivery if you wish to have him/her flown; otherwise your puppy will be ready to go at 6 weeks of age (unless otherwise decided by breeder).
  2. The money must be paid in full before you receive your puppy. This can be done several ways:
    1. We do not offer PayPal at this time.
    2. Contact us and set up a wire transaction through Western Union
    3. Contact us and mail us a check or money order. (This will take some time, and you will not be able to receive the puppy until money has cleared.)
  3. The puppy may be picked up in person and payment can be made at this time. (If you are picking up your puppy and expect to leave with him/her, please bring cash unless you have already prepaid using one of the options above. Otherwise you will not be able to take your puppy home at this time.)
  4. The puppy can also be flown to you, at your expense. (All puppies flown will have to be checked by the veterinarian within 10 days of flying, and given a clean bill of health, there can also be delays due to weather; airlines won't fly animals if temperatures are too high or too low.) There will be an additional $500.00 cost if you wish to have your puppy flown to you, and this must be paid by the time your puppy is 6 weeks old. (This gives us time to make the arrangements.) This money covers the cost of the vet checkup (You will receive the health certificate with your puppy), the airline cost, the carrier you pet will travel in (yours to keep), and insurance in case there is an unexpected problem during shipment of your puppy.
  5. We also may be able to drive your puppy to you at your expense. This will depend on the distance; cost will be accordingly. (This option is at our discretion.)
If you have picked a puppy, paid your deposit, and paid the full amount owed for your puppy, we want to deliver or have you pick up as soon as possible. Please contact us with these arrangements as soon as your money has been sent. We are willing to hold a puppy for up to one week after money has been paid and cleared. However, we can't hang on to your new pet any longer than that (unless there are delays due to weather and flying, or puppy has not reached a sellable age). Once the week has past, your puppy will go back on the site to be sold. If this happens, we will not refund your money.


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